Engine For Empathy

Loryn Engelsman was briefed by agency Strategy Creative to craft a series of illustrations to be used throughout a brand strategy document for UX company Optimal Workshop.


Optimal Workshop provides tools and research methods to help researchers, designers and information architects improve the user experience (UX) of their products.


The illustration brings to life the concept of an ‘engine for empathy’, a term that is familiar to the UX industry, and which represents cutting edge AI technology that allows for programming to provide relevant information and answers to user questions in real time.


The concept was brought to life by Loryn’s simplified, linear illustration of what looks like a large engine being operated by small abstract characters. The engine is shown in its entirety on the front cover, and then deconstructed throughout the brand strategy document, which Strategy Creative says is designed to “inspire and engage readers whilst familiarising their quirky, fun brand culture and business ethos.”



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