Elemental Bitters

Zoe Gillett was tasked with a tall order when she was commissioned to create illustrations for Elemental Distillers’ range of cocktail bitters. The range includes perfectly paired ingredients Blackberry & Balsamic, Grapefruit & Hops and Coffee & Pimento.


The hand drawn images needed to incorporate the table of elements, as well as all of the ingredients, rendered in steam-punk style with a nod to the art and typography of vintage spirit bottles.


“I really enjoyed building up a work that had so many interesting details and aspects to it, like piecing together a puzzle,” says Zoe. “My aim was for people to find the imagery interesting so that they want to look at it many times over, finding new details on each occasion, thereby building their familiarity with the range.”


Zoe was also required to incorporate a steam-punk style image of founder Ben Leggett into the illustration, adding the quintessential monocle and top hat, and placing him at the centre of the periodical table.


Elemental Distillers is a small batch distillery located in the heart of New Zealand’s renowned Marlborough wine region. They pride themselves on their boutique, hand crafted spirits which have ‘traceability from root to cup’. The range has gone on to win multiple national and international awards.


Zoe’s illustrations are used on packaging and various brand applications.



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