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Ecology & Co is a range of sugar-free, carb-free, fat-free and alcohol-free beverages that allow drinkers to enjoy all the flavour sensations of premium spirits, without the negative impacts. The range was originally created in the kitchen of a Kiwi couple who loved entertaining and socialising around cocktails, but who were no longer happy to suffer the consequences of the hangover.


Zoe Gillett was briefed to illustrate two images for their new ready to drink range, which includes London Dry and Light Tonic, and Asian Spice with Citrus Soda. The images needed to convey the flavour at a glance, by incorporating the ingredients and an element of colour into the graphic.


Adhering to the brand’s mission to provide a luxurious and indulgent experience, Zoe was careful to ensure that the illustrations would be sophisticated and stylish. This required considerable testing to ensure that the images would reproduce well when printed on cans, which can be challenging when it comes to reproducing finer details.


Zoe’s imagery has been used on the product’s multi pack cartons, cans and across social media, and gained rave reviews from the client who said:


“That Zoe is a talented illustrator is plainly obvious. Her work is lyrical, detailed and well, beautifully crafted. What you may not know yet, is that she also has been blessed with the sort of flexible thinking and can-do attitude required to join you on your madcap journey in really pushing the limits of what could be possible. In our case, working through line weight trials, stippling trials and halftone shading options to help us create ‘the vision’ within a challenging print medium. Zoe worked as part of a wider production team to achieve a truly unique and bespoke result, very fitting for a truly unique range of prepared drinks in a can.”

– Janelle Herrick



Janelle Herrick


Janelle Herrick


Zoe Gillett


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