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The Group is a co-operative of over 100 Australian wine growers who share skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver a premium line of wines from Australia’s leading wine regions. One Design was enlisted to create an overarching brand to appeal to discerning Australian male wine drinkers.


The brand concept harnesses the idea of collectives that are found in nature, and how they work together to become greater than the sum of their parts. The concept is brought to life on the labels for the first four varietals through Samuel Sakaria’s captivating illustrations showing groups of jaguars (The Shadow), crows (The Murder), stingrays (The Fever) and Cobras (The Quiver).


Although the labels were different in subject matter, they needed to look unified in style so they would work as a family. Samuel’s ability to craft imagery with the right balance of detail and masculinity was vital for the project’s success. The finished range is wickedly cohesive yet very individual; a range that boldly commands attention in the cluttered aisles.



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