Coffee with Critters

Have you ever wondered how the world’s insects relax and reflect on their day? Wonder no more.


In his self directed illustration series ‘Coffee with Critters’, Courtney Hopkinson explores the quieter moments of our many legged friends, inspired by the work of Baroque artist Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer is know for his masterly treatment and use of light in his work, executed with almost photorealistic attention to detail.


“Using Vermeer as an artist model helped to ground the interior in an existing space, and drove the lighting development,” shares Courtney, who realised through this study that insects can be a powerful blank canvas for viewers to project onto.


Courtney used the project to develop his 3D skills, incorporating advanced modelling, UVing, texturing, lighting, sculpting and cloth generation techniques. The drapery elements were created and manipulated in Marvelous Designer.


The series has caused quite a buzz, with its unique combination of Vermeer, surrealism, bugs and morning coffee proving to be surprisingly captivating.



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Courtney Hopkinson



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