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It’s been said that in the not too distant future, knowing how to code will be as necessary as knowing how to write. Code Ninja was launched to enable Singapore’s children to make coding their super power. 


Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, a keen game developer and coding enthusiast herself, was briefed to create a logo for the brand featuring a friendly ninja. Her bold character illustration and energetic, hand-crafted typeface join forces to create a fun, ownable graphic that would make any kid excited about learning to code.  


Shannon subsequently illustrated a series of characters that represent the five levels of learning that students go through in the curriculum, from beginner up to professional, before crafting a range of collateral including a short comic strip, t-shirt and achievement certificates. 


Inspired by Japanese art and culture, Shannon loved bringing the characters to life against a backdrop of vibrant yellow. She explored many variations on clothing, accessories and character traits to give each little ninja its own personality, and layered the graphic with flying splashes of coding symbols and shuriken (star shaped martial arts weapons) to build on the identity’s energetic appeal. 


“Parents and kids alike remember Code Ninja. We are different, and this also comes across visually through the illustrations. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with in Shannon.”

Code Ninja


See more of Shannon’s work on her portfolio page.



Code Ninja



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