Capilano – Premium Floral Honey

After going through a re-brand, Capilano’s honey range was extended to include premium ‘single origin’ floral varieties. Elise Martinson was briefed by design agency What Came Next to develop a floral wreath for the front of the pack.


Each wreath depicts a floral honey variety in a modern botanical line style featuring the flowers, leaves and nuts from each plant.


‘The florals needed to be identifiable from each other and recognisable as the plant variety, without being overly complex or realistic,’ says Elise, who enjoys working on botanical illustrations and natural subjects immensely – it’s a style that she’s well known for.


For this project, Elise drew on her experience crafting Australian botanicals, as well as her time working for the Perth Mint on Australian legal tender, which involved the illustration of native flora and fauna.


“The Capilano redesign was about the brand being ‘Nature’s Champion’, so including real illustrations for the genuine floral sources is an important part of that story.”

Stuart Duxbury, General Manager of What Came Next.






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