Britomart Mural

The Britomart complex is an elegant cultural hub and transit quarter, located on Auckland’s breathtaking harbour. The complex includes designer boutiques, eateries, bars and offices set in and around some of Auckland City’s oldest buildings, mixed in with striking new architecture.


Trevor Powell was briefed by Hannah Gordon Design to create illustrations in a flat graphic style for a bar called The Brit, which is located in the complex. The illustrations were applied as large murals and used across the bar’s branding and marketing suite.


The mural depicted features the historic Brit Building (now a pub and restaurant), with a distinctive metal lantern column in the foreground—a familiar historical element of the downtown waterfront area. In the background, the modern towers of Auckland’s CBD reach towards the drifting clouds, while city workers enjoy the atmosphere as they relax in the modern park area located behind the building, or traverse through this busy transport hub.


Trevor has done a fantastic job of composing this scene, which was challenging due to the number of focal elements required. A particular emphasis was placed on featuring the lantern column in the foreground and the grassy park area in the background, while maintaining the Brit Building as the visual focus. A second mural illustrated by Trevor for the project (not shown) features Waitemata Harbour resplendent with sail boats and seagulls and set against a backdrop of Rangitoto Island.



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