Brewery Mural

Gee Hale was briefed to create this dynamic mural for the corporate office of an NZ brewery to provide inspiration for employees. The mural depicts iconic Kiwi images such as native animals and sports, rendered in a dynamic ink splatter style, woven around bottles and cans. Each can and bottle includes text and imagery that captures one of the company’s values.


“I started off with an initial sketch as usual,” says Gee. “Once the client approved it, I created the cans and bottles as 3D models using Zbrush to ensure the proportion was correct. I then finalised the mural by drawing over the 3D models using various natural brushes to achieve the ink look that the client had envisioned.”


Gee is well known for his ability to create youthful, dynamic imagery, which is perfect for bringing energy to corporate environments.



Studio Cave, NZ.



Gee Hale


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