Botanical Explosion

Zoe and Pippa were commissioned by Carterton District Council and Kevin Topham to paint a mural in a main space after the area had been devastated by a fire.


Inspired by the town’s renowned flowers and Spring Daffodil festival, the two artists sought to bring beauty and joy back to the town in the form of a “botanical explosion” of giant, bright florals. This was a huge undertaking, as the mural had to be ready in time for the town’s Daffodil festival, which was returning for the first time since the pandemic began.


Zoe and Pippa had to adapt the way they work to cater for varying weather conditions, and adjust their processes accordingly. Painting in smaller portions and adjusting their brush techniques in order to work with paint that wasn’t blending easily were just some of the challenges they faced. This resulted to them being quite saavy at reading the weather!


The project was also very public, and they had the opportunity to get to know many of the locals over the course of the month of painting.


The mural was such a success that it won a Kūmara Award for excellent Placemaking under the category “It Takes a Village”.


The project was a great example of how creatives can come together to make a difference and contribute to the beautification in their community.



Kevin Topham

Carterton District Council


Zoe Gillett

Pippa Keel


Funded by
Ka Pai Carterton



The Kūmara Awards
Placemaking – It Takes a Village


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