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You won’t see many booklets for prescription medication that are as colourful and thought provoking as this one.


A new treatment option for people living with HIV-1, the medication was released in 2018 and has been touted as ‘the most potent HIV drug yet’; in fact it was named as one of the top innovations for 2018 by Popular Science magazine.


This small A6 booklet is given to patients when they are prescribed the drug, telling them how to get the best out of their treatment. Usually such booklets are very dull, but in the HIV area of medicine the booklets are made to be engaging and colourful to appeal to the large number of recipients from within the gay community.


Watermark Creative’s brief from healthcare agency Ward 6 was to create illustrations to support the idea that the drug has no compromising factors. To give context to this concept, the booklet links the idea to other famous brands and people who are also known to be uncompromising in their approach.


Subjects include Saville Row tailors by Pawel Zawislak, Nelson Mandela painted by Dean Proudfoot, a Maltese restaurant by Trevor Powell, a Japanese Fugu chef by Joseph Qiu and a French perfume by Elise Martinson.


“All of the illustrators brought more than just a style, each crafting a unique concept and story to bring their tiny page to life. The guys were amazing to collaborate with, instantly grasping what I was after and making every step of the process a lot of fun.”

Richard Price, Ward 6 Creative Director



Ward 6



Joseph Qui
Trevor Powell
Elise Martinson
Pawel Zawislak
Dean Proudfoot


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