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Bon Appe’Sweet is a range of artisanal cane sugar-free gelato and chocolate bars. Founded by Thereasa Black, a naval officer, attorney, entrepreneur, and single mum, the idea came to her while she was serving in Djibouti as a celebration of her daughter’s love for ice cream, with no added sugar. Brand packaging is used to help raise awareness of important social issues.


Bon Appe’Sweet believes that standing up for what is right, isn’t always easy, but it is always NECESSARY, and by engaging the community to stand together, positive change can take place. Current issues being supported by the brand include restoration of voting rights to people freed from prison, redressing the underfunding of public defence attorneys, fixing the money bail system an decriminalising drug addiction. Read more about their stance on these causes via their company mission.


Phill Small and Anton Petrov were briefed by The Key Branding to develop and refine the brand’s tree logo.


The tree combines brand history, brand beliefs and symbolism to create a rich graphic icon. Its branches incorporate three Adinkra symbols from West African culture — symbols that represent concepts or aphorisms. The Bon Appe’Sweet tree’s symbols represent wisdom, unity in diversity and the power of love. Intertwined within the leaves of the tree are hearts representing love for family and passion for causes. Forming the trunk of the tree is the image of Lady Justice, with a small hidden ice cream at the foot of the trunk.


The illustration challenge was to unify the entire concept with a consistency in line weight, flow, lighting and a balance of negative and positive space. It takes a certain leaning towards perfectionism and a fantastic understanding of light and the human form to fine tune elements such as the Lady Liberty.



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