BNZ – Penny the Penguin

It’s never too early to learn valuable lessons about the important things in life.


Every year, BNZ (Bank of New Zealand) close their doors for a day to go out into the community and help out where needed, and as a part of this year’s campaign, they visited early learning centres and preschools to teach kids the difference between “needs” and “wants”.


As a part of that initiative, Colenso BBDO Auckland and the Watermark Creative team were tasked with creating an experience that would help teach financial literacy to children between the ages of 4 and 5.


Working closely with Colenso, we designed a world in which Penny (a seasoned ocean explorer) was caught in a storm which badly damaged her ship, The Blue Whale. She found herself shipwrecked off the shores of a strange and mysterious island, located somewhere off the coast of New Zealand.


Penny made a list of the things she needs to repair her boat, and sets off to explore the island – meeting a bunch of quirky characters along the way whom she trades with for the items she needs!


The experience is designed to be something that allows children to play and explore with a very simple set of tasks laid out for them. Rather than simply telling the user which item they must select, the experience allows the child to pick what they think is right – try it out – and see where the results of choices takes them. A very tangible way of understanding the principles we set out to communicate.


We’d like to give a special thanks to the Colenso team for bringing us onboard and making the journey of making Penny an absolute blast! It’s always a pleasure to work with such talented people. We’d also like to thank everyone who worked on the project and poured so much love into it – we’re all very proud of the final result.






Colenso BBDO (Auckland)



Creative Direction
Kim Ragan (Colenso BBDO)
Maria Devereux (Colenso BBDO)
David Way (Watermark Creative)


Art Direction
David Way (Watermark Creative)
Simon Shaw (Watermark Creative)
Simon Stuart (Colenso BBDO)


Script / Story
Holly Sutton-Williams (Colenso BBDO)


Elle Kiddie (Colenso BBDO)
Helen Darwin (Colenso BBDO)
David Way (Watermark Creative)


David Way (Watermark Creative)
Simon Shaw (Watermark Creative)
Nicholas Harris (Watermark Creative)
Anton Petrov (Watermark Creative)
Daron Parton (Watermark Creative)
Dave Follett (Watermark Creative)


Mauricio Bartok
David Way (Watermark Creative)
Shannon Jahnel Lanktree (Watermark Creative)


UI / UX Design
Bettina Way (Be Creative)
David Way (Watermark Creative)


Interactive Design
Nicholas Harris (Watermark Creative)
Shannon Jahnel Lanktree (Watermark Creative)
David Way (Watermark Creative)


Josh van den Heever (Roam Creative)
Nicholas Harris (Watermark Creative)


Music & Audio Design
Shane Taipari (Franklin Road)



2019 3×3 Awards
Books & Covers – Merit


2019 Best Awards
Applications – Silver


2019 AGDA Awards
Finalist – Illustration for Design



Project Manager
David Way

Mbl: +64 27 200 7352








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