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How do you tempt young adults to venture out after dark in the winter months to visit a museum?


Music, winter-themed drinks, and an invitation to explore the galleries at leisure are a great starting point… and then there’s the alluring imagery.


This evocative illustration was created by Gee Hale to launch The Auckland War Memorial Museum’s ‘After Hours At the Museum’ series. The events invited guests to mingle to the background of music in the ‘dazzlingly adorned’ Grand Foyer.


Using light and colour, Gee has created an intriguing image that captures attention, juxtaposing typical museum imagery with the unexpected scene of an evening soirée. The viewer initially focuses on the shard of light that falls on the ancient Greek statue of Discobolus, but the eye is then drawn down into the shadows, where the focus falls on the silhouette of a woman being invited by her partner to join him on the dance floor.


“The colour palette was used to convey a warm and inviting atmosphere, in contrast to the cold weather outside,” explains Gee. “I incorporated pink overtones to evoke a feeling of intrigue and romance, further enhanced by the use of shadows which mask the faces of the guests.”



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