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During years of interacting with clients in person and over the internet, Pawel Zawislak built up a mental library of the various characters he’d encountered, including interesting quirks and distinguishing characteristics.


After a particularly busy period, he finally had some time for creative exploration. The first project that came to mind was to bring to life his mental catalogue of art directors, using the project to develop a fresh new style for his portfolio.


“They’re all fictional characters with some distinctive features I’ve observed in some of my clients,” says Pawel, who started the project off by sketching with a thin marker, adding colour using a limited palette after scanning into photoshop. “The exploration process was incredibly enjoyable. I experimented with different body types, features and gadgets, line weights and level of detail.”


Pawel says that the greatest satisfaction has come from the feedback he’s received; this style is now one of the most requested from his portfolio.



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