Absolut Canada

Daron Parton has captured the essence of Canada in a crisp new illustration for Absolut Vodka packaging.


The illustration is one of many personal projects Daron has recently undertaken, where he challenged himself to work with a minimal colour palette based around the red hues of the maple leaf and frosty hues of the winter landscape.


Once Daron had brainstormed the content and sketched out ideas in his notepad, he took great joy in the challenge of developing a composition that would enable all of the elements to flow when applied in 3D form to a bottle.


On one side, a rugged ice hockey player chases his puck, while on the other, a grizzly bear contentedly carries his fresh salmon catch across the snow under the watchful eye of a trusty de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver. Two snowboarders compete in an exhilarating race down a snow-covered mountain, expertly avoiding pine trees and a giant moose.


Like most of Daron’s work, the narrative is quite playful, inviting the viewer to explore and discover something new and engaging each time you pick up the bottle.



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