Porridge packaging to tempt even the fussiest fairy tale princess

According to nutrition experts, eating porridge at breakfast can give you enough energy to power through until lunch, reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and contribute to your good feelings by helping the brain to produce serotonin. That’s some seriously good stuff!


Speaking of good stuff, Watermark was briefed by agency Coates Design to create fun typographic imagery for four exciting flavours in the new Hubbards Creamy Porridge range.


Hubbards required the imagery to be eye catching, colourful and bold. The range needed to stand out on shelf and capture attention while visually connecting to the existing Hubbard’s range, which has a quirky, down to earth look.


The approach comfortably mixes the personable brand character with familiar high-quality and craft cues, writes Richard Baird of online publication Brand, Packaging and Opinion. Although both Toppers (Hubbards original muesli product) and Porridge share a hand drawn aesthetic, lettering, created by Jo Tronc, is distinctive to the range in shape, background and ornament...

We think that Goldilocks would be tempted to scoff down at least one bowl of each of these tasty new flavours, so keep your front doors firmly locked or you may come home to find your cupboard is bare!