Peter’s Zombie Icecreams

Client: Peters Ice Creams


Being asked by Peters Ice Cream to create two undead characters for their new range of ice blocks ZOMBIE SNOT and ZOMBIE GUTS, had Dave Follett scratching at his coffin lid with excitement. The characters had to appeal to modern kids and their love of all things disgusting and gross. In other words: Dave’s primary target audience was himself.


The SNOT character is recently risen, stalking the graveyard on the misty moors, hunting for all things slippery and snotty.


The GUTS character is the urban Zombie, an undead urchin with hunger for excitement, in search of things that crackle and pop.


Collaborating with Peters entailed some hilarious correspondence, like discussing publicly acceptable levels of grossness and ‘to brains or not to brains’. We think we got it dead on.


We were really impressed with how Dave was able to capture the Zombies in such a fresh and exciting way. It was very important to us that the characters appealed to today’s design savvy kids and their idea of what a modern Zombie looks like. – Designer Domenic Minieri


Peters Zombies ice blocks now walk among us at your local milk bar, petrol stations and convenience stores, so get in the mood for Halloween and devour some SNOT and GUTS today!


Credits ~ Peters Senior Brand Manager – Anna Jones, Peters Packaging Designer – Domenic Minieri, Peters Packaging Technical – Neil Lawson.