Polish born and bred Pawel Zawislak is a man whose character could be deemed to be delightfully, yet subtlety contradictory. As an animal activist it follows that he is vegan and confesses that his creativity is nurtured by fitness.

Should time permit he structures his working life to enable him to visit the gym daily- impressive indeed. With a life-long obsession with monsters, something which only intermittently comes through in his work.

Pawel cites Drew Struzan, Adam Hughes and Norman Rockwell as his main sources of inspiration, recognises Jim Carrey as his favourite actor and has a penchant for science-fiction and horror movies. His illustrative style reflects all of the above as well as a childlike 80’s nostalgia evident in much of his work. No wonder “The Never Ending Story” rates as one of his all-time favourite flicks.

Artist:  Pawel Zawislak

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +61 421 787 044


"It's going to be exciting and challenging, so i’ll need good people around me like you. Working with you always draws the best out of the work.”

Tom Collins | Senior Creative Director ~ Barker Brand