Nick Harris is a visual designer, illustrator and 3D artist. His background in product design and technological expertise help to drive creative flexibility and innovation on every project he touches.

Nick grew up on a vineyard in West Auckland, where his parents made wine faithful to the Bordeaux style. He has always been driven to design objects and invent stories and worlds for them to inhabit (let’s face it who wouldn’t be inspired growing up on a vineyard?).


His favourite projects have included the Magic Forest interactive design project for the Starship Children’s Hospital and A Dog’s Story App for Pedigree, which was designed to educate children how to interact safely with dogs and avoid being bitten. Nick has the rare ability to work at a highly technical and creative level simultaneously, and has an affinity for character, vehicle and environmental design.

Artist:  Nicholas Harris

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +64 21 133 7132

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