WMC artists bring brand values to life

This frighteningly fun poster is one of a set crafted by WMC artists for digital agency Little Giant.

Illustrated by monster maestro Simon Shaw, the brief was to create an image for an internal value poster using the statement “Tell it like it is”.

“The image needed to convey being confident, speaking your mind, raising the flag and asking for help in tough times,” says Simon. 

You can see some of Simon’s initial ideas and concepts in the portfolio page for this poster.


Love your craft

This lavish piece of intricate typography in paper quilling style was crafted by Jo Tronc (lettering) and Courtney Hopkinson (3D/rendering) to remind the Little Giant team of the rewards that come from carefully crafting something.

“The idea behind the image was to convey a feeling of harmony and creative love – the passion, patience and curiosity engaged when crafting a piece of art,” says Jo. “To achieve this I incorporated subtle visual imagery and added decorative elements around and within the typographic lockup. I explored different dimensions throughout the piece, sticking to a muted colour palette in shades of whites and neutrals. I carefully considered the interaction and the relationship between the type and the secondary objects to ensure that the final piece was sensitively balanced.”


There’s no ‘I’ in team

Pawel Zawislak was briefed to create an image reflecting the company’s selfless attitude and the idea that there’s no ‘I’ in team. It was an exciting brief for Pawel, who was able to go back to his favourite medium of pencil and sketch the image by hand. 

“These days I predominantly work digitally,” says Pawel. “So, whenever I get a chance to go back to paper, it’s like going on vacation.”

Pawel relished the chance to put forward conceptual ideas, and to see his concept develop through the subtle changes he made along the way. This strong graphic approach is one of Pawel’s signature styles, utilising a distressed texture to give depth to the image.


The posters have now been framed and hung in the Little Giant office, in order to bring the company’s values to life. 


“When working with Watermark Creative to bring our company’s brand values to life, we gave them creative license to communicate each value using visual, artistic storytelling,” says Little Giant Creative Director Aaron Turk. “What we got back was a beautifully crafted series of artworks that sit proudly on the walls of the company and inspire everyone that walks into the business.”