Meet Timo Lenton

Timo Lenton is a design chameleon; an animator, compositor and 3D artist with a perfect blend of graphic and technical skills.


While he loves walking on the creative side, he’s also a maths boffin who loves learning about mathematical discoveries and trying to implement them into new projects.


Timo had a passion for animation from childhood, and entered the world of design straight from high school, enrolling in Diplomas in graphic and 3D design. He’s now a seasoned veteran, having studied graphic design and animation back when iMacs were made from brightly coloured plastic.


Now based in New Zealand, Timo has worked with a range of advertising and production agencies in the UK and NZ, on TVCs, film and broadcast graphics. He loves to stretch his capabilities to deliver on even the most challenging animation brief.


We chat with Timo to find out what makes him tick, and how he transitions seamlessly between interactive and moving images.


Red Shoes from Timo’s Everyday Alphabet Series.


Q: What inspires you?
A: Nature, science, and maths. I love reading up on historic mathematical discoveries and trying to implement them into new projects.


Q: How would you describe your graphic style?
A: In my personal work, I’d say my style is graphic and geometric. I like to create generative art using code and sometimes even use a pen plotter to physically draw some of the art I create (a pen plotter is a computer-controlled machine that plots/draws with an actual pen).


For my commercial work, most of the time I’m having to figure out ways to bring their vision to reality. It tends to vary from project to project.


3D model of mouldy grapefruit bead sculpture

Mouldy Grapefruit from the Fruit Gems series


Q: What have been your most rewarding projects to date?
A: Most recently I’ve completed some great projects for New Zealand’s Tip Top ice cream company, which included the launch of some new flavours for their Trumpet range. It’s been a great opportunity to showcase my skills in a new software package while creating mouth-watering images of ICECREAM!


Years ago while living in London I got to work on some fantastic film projects. One of them was Guardians of the Galaxy. This was super fun, cos I got to work with some very talented people, and learned a lot about post-production.


3d type made out of hokey pokey ice cream, waffle cone and chocolate texture

Tip Top Every Bite Better.


Q: If a potential client asked what you would bring to their project if they commissioned you, what would you say?
A: Problem-solving and a general capability to deliver on brief. I love taking on challenges and figuring out how to solve them.


Q: What’s something that you’re embarrassed you’re so good at?
A: This was hard for me to answer… I’m quite proud of anything I’m good at. I asked my girlfriend and she said straight off the bat – “Packing the dishwasher! You’re good, but you take it way too seriously.”


We can definitely say that Timo’s creative talents extend beyond the ability to fit a large dinner-party’s worth of dishes into a compact dishwasher.


View more of Timo’s work via his portfolio page.