Vivid, bold, dynamic. Lucie Blaževská’s graphics blend vibrant hues, patterns and hand drawn elements to create a distinctive style that exudes energy and positivity.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Lucie spent time living and studying in Paris before settling in Auckland. Artistic expression came naturally for Lucie, and a creative career was always in her future. She studied graphic design and visual communication and is now pursuing a postgraduate degree in art therapy after personally experiencing the healing properties of making art and craft.


Favourite projects include Kotahitanga through Creativity for Waikato Creative as it pushed her to start painting again and a mural for agency YoungShand because it allowed her to showcase her ability to create large scale pieces. Lucie is skilled in traditional artistic mediums, with experience in Adobe Creative Suite, print production, brand development, illustrations and corporate reports.

Artist: Lucie Blazevska

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +64 27 200 7352