Introducing Nozomi Yuasa

Nozomi Yuasa has a reputation for creating chic, feminine graphics. It’s clear that her dreamy, vintage-inspired aesthetic, coupled with her unwavering professionalism, make an enchanting combination.


After attending the famous Musashino Art University in Japan, Nozomi initially set out to follow her love of fashion, but illustration won her heart in the end. She now lives in Auckland, where she fuses both passions to create exquisite imagery and hand-drawn animations for fashion and lifestyle brands.


Her whimsical, enchanting graphics have been commissioned by international luxury brands including Bvlgari, Dior and Fendi. We chat with Nozomi to find out what inspires her, and how she blends her love of fashion and illustration to the delight of clients and consumers alike.

Image from Nozomi’s Helen Kaminski x Nozomi Yuasa collaboration


Q: Who and what inspired you in your day-to-day process?

A: I’m inspired by vintage fashion, ballet, music and movies. I watch dramas on Netflix every evening after work to clear my mind and pave the way for fresh creative thinking the next day.


Ballerina from Nozomi’s ‘Collecting the view’ cut-out illustration series


Q: What have been your most rewarding projects and why? 

A: I adored creating the animation for luxury ballet brand Repetto’s holiday campaign. My animation style has a vintage aesthetic, like watching a flippa clip. I was delighted that the animation was much loved by clients and the brand’s fans. I adore creating animation with my hand crafted style.


Packaging illustrations for Bobbi Brown’s juicy liquid lips range


Q: How would you describe your graphic style? 

A: My artwork is an unlikely mix of satire and femininity. It’s elegant, sensitive and romantic, a great match for feminine fashion and cosmetics brands.


Illustrations for French fashion accessories brand Alexandre de Paris


Q: What’s your favourite place in the world and why?

A: My bed!


Nozomi was born in Toyko but now lives with her sons and husband in Auckland. When she’s not illustrating dreamy visuals or crafting romantic animations, she can often be found setting tastebuds sizzling with her baking and BBQ skills.


See more of Nozomi’s work in her portfolio.