Introducing Lucie Blaževská

Vivid, bold, dynamic. Lucie Blaževská’s graphics blend vibrant hues, patterns and hand drawn elements to create a distinctive style that exudes energy and positivity.

We chat with Lucie to find out what inspires her energetic and uplifting graphics.


Q:What got you into the creative industry?
A: It was always clear that I was drawn to the creative world. To me, creativity is a way of being and I could never deny this to myself. Since my first job as a graphic designer I knew it was the kind of environment I wanted to work in.


Q: What are your influences?
A: I try to limit my time on social media so my main source of influence and inspiration is in nature or through music. That’s when compositions and colours join together.


Q: If you could bring back one artist from the dead, who would it be and why?
A: I’d love to have a chat and dance with Frida Kahlo. Her life and attitudes are inspirational.


Q: What’s something that you’re embarrassed you’re so good at?
A: I’m really good at naming my work files FINAL although I end up with embarrassingly too many final versions not really knowing what’s final.


Q: What would be your dream project?
A: I would love to paint more murals, huge canvases or design a book from scratch. In general, I enjoy working with clients who trust my creative eye and give me a bit of freedom.


Check out three of Lucy’s favourite portfolio projects:


Acrylic on canvas for Waikato Creative


Hand painted art for Waikato Creative’s Kotahitanga through Creativity, an initiative designed to support and grow the development of the creative arts in the Waikato for the benefit of the greater community.


Lucie’s colourful portraits are combined with dynamic and bold patterns to represent a harmonious, vibrant and multi-coloured community.



5m x 3m hand painted mural for YoungShand


The Future is Human, The Future is Technology is a series of energetic murals for a multi-media suite at integrated agency YoungShand.


YoungShand loved Lucie’s bold, vibrant style and gave her the freedom to go beyond their usual brand identity by incorporating dynamic patterns and additional colours. This inspiring hand painted artwork showcases Lucie’s ability to create large scale pieces.



Portraits on canvas and skateboard.


Born to Create is a collection of artworks on skateboards celebrating heroines from all around the world. It’s Lucie’s personal passion project, which allows her to merge education, inspiration, sport and art into one. She also runs workshops where children can paint their own personalised skateboards.


This project has been displayed in galleries and is available for purchase from her shop.


View more of Lucie’s work via her portfolio