Painting silver astronauts in pre-school might read as an inconsequential childhood memory, or perhaps even the ultimate cliché. For Elise Martinson however, the excitement generated from her four year old peers was enough encouragement to continue her journey, and just as well.

These days animals and nature take centre stage in Elise’s work, their whimsical qualities appearing on a range of applications including coins, books and postcards. She says her most memorable job to date has been producing a series of illustrations featuring Australia’s apex predators for a commemorative coin collection which is consistent with her passion for the animal related arts, ever-inspired by the likes of her favourite creature artist Terryl Whitlatch.


When not immersed in the research and conceptualisation for her next brief – which she quietly hopes will be for a charity or another good cause – Elise could be snorkelling or fishing. She can just as easily be tempted into a country garden hammock with a bowl of pistachios and a documentary on the Cretaceous period. Her trusty side kick is Alfie a German Shepard crossed with a Corgi! Now try and picture that!

Artist: Elise Martinson

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +61 400 731 002

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