Not many young illustrators can lay claim to attracting a luxury fashion brand’s attention. Indonesian born Dede Putra did just that with his short comic which caught the attention of Prada when they were looking to promote a new eyewear range.

Serendipitously, it was then critiqued by one of his favourite illustrators, Francois Schuiten. However, it was a commission to create spot illustrations for Hilary Clinton’s biography that takes the cake for the most unusual and interesting job to date. It shouldn’t surprise anyone then, that Dede is happiest while creating artwork.


His dream brief consists of creating a fantasy world for a comic or illustration book to satisfy his tireless passion. He remembers having the same creative hunger as a child. Trains were his thing then, and walls were the best place to explore their perspective much to the despair of his father who was tasked with repainting of multiple rooms before realising that fresh white walls were a canvas no young artist could resist.

Artist: Dede Putra

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +64 21 033 2912


“Myself and colleagues at DDB have commissioned the visualisers at Watermark on regular occasions over the past few years. Often our briefs require a large volume of illustrations over an extremely tight turnaround time and our creative teams require a very high standard of artistry. The Watermark crew consistently over-deliver and have always been a reliable and valuable partner to us.”

Andy Robilliard | Producer ~ DDB New Zealand