David Way to judge at NZ Best Awards

WMC creative director David Way is honoured to have been named as one of four judges for the Moving Image category at 2019’s New Zealand Best Design Awards.


The Best Design Awards is an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, interactive and motion design along with four boutique awards.



‘The Best Awards has been a benchmark in the creative industry for my entire career,’ says David. ‘It’s recognised nationally as a prestigious event and is widely recognised in design and advertising circles in both NZ and Australia. Being asked to assess the work of my peers, who do some staggeringly amazing work, is a real honour.’


Last year, in what was an unexpected coup, WMC scooped six awards including the supreme purple pin, held up by the organisers as ‘work that raises the bar of New Zealand design’ (read more in our 2018 Best Awards news article).


David notes that while we don’t consider awards in our design thinking, over the years we’ve grown far more invested in the effectiveness of what we do for our clients, and this is why we hold certain awards in high esteem.


‘We believe that awards are a great way to keep you on your toes and know where your work stands in the landscape of amazing creators out there,’ explains David. ‘It allows us to stay on top of  know how people are tackling design problems, and where boundaries are being pushed to take design to the next level.’


View the 2109 finalists on the Best Awards website.