David Way honoured to judge at Communication Arts awards

Director David Way says he is honoured to have been invited to judge the upcoming Communication Arts (CA) awards.


“I always have a slight lump of imposter syndrome sitting in my throat when asked to judge the work of my peers,” admits David. “Especially when you’re looking at incredible works from world renowned artists. But I’m proud of the work we do as a studio – so it’s great to have this sort of international recognition. 

David is excited to be part of a diverse panel from across the world and from different sectors of the creative industry.

“Apart from the inspiring imagery that the awards attract, I do appreciate that CA really looks to push past aesthetics towards more thought provoking and evocative artwork and articles,” says David. “It’s a great reminder that we have to be vigilant of simply being seduced into mimicking shallow trends and that illustration can be an incredibly powerful communication platform.”


While David would never recommend putting awards as a focus to creative pursuits, he believes that entering awards can have some great benefits. David cites the CA awards as one of the more highly prestigious awards in the creative field and encourages anyone thinking of entering to look at it as a way to review their portfolio and gain invaluable feedback from peers.


“Although we all work in our own mysterious ways in our own little worlds, it’s important to connect with the wider community and see what people at a global level are inventing and creating,” shares David. “Apart from hopefully picking up an award, just taking stock of the work you’ve done in the past 12 months, assessing it and getting outside perspectives on it is so important and often hard to do with the hustle and bustle of life.”

Find out more at https://www.commarts.com/competitions