The breadth of illustrative styles that Daron Parton has delivered throughout his career may reflect his nomadic ease.

Born in the port city of Aden in Yemen near the Red Sea, son to parents hailing from Kent and Shropshire in the UK, a student at Central St. Martin’s college in London and now living in Hamilton, New Zealand – all undoubtedly bring an unusual openness to his work. Daron has received recognition in the form of two merits in the 3×3 annual – one for a children’s book, the other an advertising project.


He cites no less than 13 artist/illustrators who inspire him and confesses to loving all jobs because variety is most definitely the spice of life. Similarly, Daron could be happy almost anywhere. The Cricketers Pub in Canterbury is a favourite, wandering through a museum, or on Aberdeen beach in the off season. If Helen Mirren pulled up on an Italian scooter wearing Versace, with a copy of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy under her arm, that too would put a smile on his face. Daron is married with two boys the latter possibly explaining why Triceratops is his favourite dinosaur.

Artist: Daron Parton

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +64 21 198 6332


"Daron has an innate ability to take the most mundane brief and create imagery that is rich with visual humour, wit or an unexpected twist-while still being ‘on point. Imaginative, inspirational and a top bloke to work with… and no I’m not his doting mum!”

Nigel Kuzimski | Creative Director ~ Curious