As a natural visual problem solver, Blair’s written work as a primary school student was most often accompanied by supportive illustrations, much to the despair of his teachers. But indeed serving as the compass to a career that was meant to be.

Blair is attracted to the challenge posed by problems and the sweet victory of solving them. His versatile skill set accompanying his illustration prowess, having recently tried his hand at meat smoking adding to the more established hobbies of cooking and brewing, speaks to his willingness to tackle unusual and interesting briefs.


Blair is originally from Carterton, a New Zealand small town and moved to Wellington to study before time in London, Dublin and now Sydney. In 2014 his work for Tuatara Brewery was recognised with the Packaging Trophy at the NZ Craft Brewers Guild awards.

Artist:  Blair Sayer

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +61 434 266 782


"Blair has worked with us on many a job. We kept going back to him for his input as he always comes up with ideas to push the brief. Couple that with his execution - it's always well above what's expected."

Campbell Macduff | Wonderlab ~ New Zealand