Highly awarded Hamburg born illustrator Beck Wheeler loves to create from scratch. Although Beck works mainly in vectors, her illustrations start their lives as ink drawings. She enjoys brainstorming with clients and ordering random thoughts into ideas for visual exploration.

Beck started her career as a toy designer, making quirky monster toys for her own label Kissy Kissy Toys. Nowadays, Beck feels professionally exhilarated creating illustrations that walk the line between simplicity and sophistication. She loves lettering, pattern making and character design.
Beck lives on the wild west coast of Auckland. Her Piha studio is surrounded by native bush and filled with bottles of ink, tubs of paint and jars of pencils. Beck enjoys experimenting with flavours as well as colours. When not creating in the studio, Beck can be found creating in the kitchen. She loves baking, digging in the garden and playing on the beach with her son.

Artist:  Beck Wheeler


Telephone:  +64 9 8128 098

Mobile:  +64 21 055 4902

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