Anton Petrov’s back story could fit perfectly into the tale of a child spy: Russian boy from Astrakhan, moves to Ukraine, spends teens in South Africa and reappears in NZ. It seems Anton was destined never to live his life in half measures.

While he is an accomplished illustrator, in his spare time he researches the world of finance for tips and clues on investing and trading. It would appear Anton has a contingency plan should professional advancement elude him creatively. Then, when not figuring out his next move he chooses to Salsa or Bachata his stress away unless the snow’s good enough, in which case it is time to snowboard.


Anton concedes he is fortunate enough to be able to make a living out of what he does best– illustration and has a string of awards to prove it, two Russell Clark Awards, various Best awards, 3×3, and Cannes Lions awards throughout the years.  He gleaned the potential of his talent with his first drawing of an apple tree at age five. His cousins and family thought it rather special. That early memory is a poignant daily reminder that he definitely found his career sweet spot.

Artist:  Anton Petrov

Email:  [email protected]

Mobile:  +61 498 773 628


"Thanks again for nailing the brief. Much appreciated.”

Janelle Herrick | Senior Creative ~ This is True