New Zealand born Anna Johnstone was wooed by Disney animations and Pokemon as a kid. These influences are credited for her illustration style today and her interest in large interactive experiences, although she admits that her inspiration comes from many places.

An order of overseas taxidermy is held up as one such example, a project that saw a delivery of pigeons customised into gangsters complete with bling, bandanas and cigarettes for NZ’s boutique brewery, Garage Project Bar. Obsessed with art, it’s something she looks at when she’s not making her own, apart from perhaps playing in a Death Metal band, Super Sparkle Unicorn (“…hey, was that a trick question?”).


With The Jungle Book (the original), Tekkon Kinkreet and Whiplash as top movie picks, Anna Johnstone is definitely a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover” – which is possibly some advice she has given herself after having once read Tim Ferriss’ New York Times Best Seller “The 4-Hour Workweek” only to find that she was deeply disappointed with the results.

Artist:  Anna Johnstone


Telephone:  +64 4 386 2590

Mobile:  +64 22 025 3350