Phillip was born in South Africa and grew up on 300,000 hectares of pristine wilderness called the Drakensberg Mountains. Horse riding, fishing and hiking were his staple pastimes forging a lifelong relationship with the simple things, and explaining why he has always thought having a crocodile might make a cool pet.

Today, Phill’s happy place is about family, surf and campfires spiced up with a few crafty concoctions such as flying foxes, minion suits, artwork and paper mâché. An early childhood memory sees a 6 year old Phillip running up and down a passage with a crayon on the wall, “watching a line of colour stream out behind me. It was fantastic.”  While the consequences were adverse, Phill explains that his family are somewhat relieved it has all worked out for the best.


Professionally, as one of Watermark’s Directors and as a commercial illustrator himself with over 15 years’ experience, Phill brings an astute understanding of client needs, deep respect for the creative journey and a yearning for decent deadlines. Put him in a time machine he would be in Lascaux, France checking out Palaeolithic cave paintings, then off to meet Buddah before settling in for a second read of ‘Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’.

Artist:  Phillip Small


Telephone:  +61 2 9380 6988

Mobile:  +61 403 888 010


"I cannot speak highly enough of Phill and the team at Watermark. It’s always a fun, collaborative process that returns great results for our clients. This reflects very favourably on us as an agency which is the perfect outcome.”

Kieren Thorpe | Creative Director ~ Brand Opus